Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Storm Part IV

Play keeps us warm.
 Rumor has it that we are two weeks from power restoration. If there was a place to run and hide, I would. Even clean hair isn't enough to restore my spirits. (Got that all-important shower, thanks to a visit to a friend's house. They didn't have power, but they have a gas water heater and running water.)

The third night on the floor.

The pipes haven't frozen yet, but I'm wearing thermal underwear under my pj's. We have 4 cases of fake logs and some green wood that doesn't want to burn. Even with a fire the room is frigid. I got it up to 50 once today, but I had to leave and run errands. Now it's impossible to raise the temp over 40.

There are exploding sounds that shake the house. I think they are trees exploding under the weight of the ice. The sun came out for a couple of hours, which would have made the ice soften. Most surfaces are covered with ½ to 2 inches of ice. My truck is frozen to the ground. The roads are fine, once you get to them, but our long driveway is one sheet of ice from the house to the barn.

We got the round bale of hay delivered today. We rolled it to the round pen, because the electric fence is down in places. We walked the horses to the pen for a couple hours of exercise. They went nuts at first, but settled down to eat. We brought them back in tonight, a bit calmer for the dusting off.

PS. Doesn't look like I'll be able to enter ABNA after all.

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