Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ice Storm Part VI

Truck and trailer, frozen to the ground.
The constant cold is demoralizing. I am thoroughly depressed by the constant pain in my joints. I can't get the fire going long enough or hot enough to make a difference and the temps outside have plunged from the 50's to the teens. I've piled on the wood, put in fire logs, built the smoldering shit as large as I dare, it makes no damn difference. Horse shit would burn better than this wet green crap.

The driveway is still a sheet of ice in front of the barn. I still can't move the truck. Grain is low. We have hay and water. I need to make a trip to the feed store tomorrow. I will need to make a road trip to Sonora for hay soon. I tossed ashes on the driveway and salt on sidewalk. The poultry has the run of the barn, which should keep them happy.

Got a call from my folks further south. They have electric and are willing to loan us their propane heater. I'm out of here, taking all 3 dogs with me.


Warm, clean, and well fed, I returned from McDaniels after a couple of hours in civilization. They have dsl and all my email is up to date. Wish I'd had a couple of hours to blog-hop.

Hubby has been huddled over the fire for hours and it is barely 50 in the den. We hooked up the heater and in 30 minutes it was 60. Of course since every object is nearly frozen it will all have to heat up before the temperature in the room feels warm.

The problem will be letting the fire die, and getting the flue closed so we don't lose all this glorious heat up the chimney. I'll stay up a couple of hours to keep fire watch. This room isn't bad; the pipes aren't frozen. I have to stay focused on the positive or I will lose my mind.

The local news said there were still 500 electric poles that needed to be replaced. CNN says there is a quarter million homes without power all over Kentucky. I can hear generators at the horse farm down the street. I'll bet they have a slew of new borne foals they are keeping under lights. I can't imagine foaling in this kind of weather.

God help us all tonight, the temperatures are falling below zero.

Ice Storm Musings

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