Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm Part II

Walking sticks sort of help. I still had to crawl in places.

 The storm hit yesterday. I stayed home. I crawled across the driveway to the barn because I couldn't stay on the slick wet ice. It was either chop a path or crawl back to the house.

Today we lost the electricity. Amazing what an attitude adjustment that is. I had to put on my thinking cap to figure the best way to make do. First thing was put a blanket over the tropical fish. They may survive a cold snap better if the water cools slowly.

All the food from the freezer and fridge went outside in coolers since there is no chance of a thaw in the foreseeable future. Hubby bought water and canned food. (Tuna and soup?) There is wood in the barn and piled outside, not a problem. We have a few days of grace.

For cooking we have a burner on the grill. (Love that.) I've been told that you can bake a meat loaf in a pot on the grill. We'll try that tomorrow.

There is a fire in the fireplace. I've got all the other rooms closed off. The house stayed in the fifties until the sun went down. Then we battened down the windows. The rest of the house is chilly, but the den is just fine. Hubby, the three dogs and I are bedded on the floor in the den.

The big discovery for the night was the solar lanterns. They run on AA rechargable batteries. I bought four into the house. They have switches that turn them off. So we have one lighting the room and three in reserve. My mp3 player takes AA batteries, so we have music.

There are also three warm dogs to keep away the chills.

Good thing we are snug, the electric will be off for several days. This stupid front is rumored to have moved in for seven to ten days. Crap.

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