Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Storm Part III

There are three dogs under the blankets. Smart dogs!

Second night without electricity, it is colder tonight. We can see our breath in the living room; the den is around 40 degrees. I was gone all day, had to let the fire go out.

Bad move.

I didn't get back until late, and the dogs were shivering in their jackets. I had some things to fax, and got internet at hubby's office. Of course I had to chase down the various items that have become impossible to get because of the weather. Batteries, candles, any type of fuel, it is all go.

I was able to get some chafing dish fuel so we have hot water for tea and washing. I have a traditional chaffing dish rack, with two burners. It took an hour to heat soup, not good. I created a camp stove out of a large coffee can and a 'church key' opener. That worked a whole lot better.

I can't, in good conscience, leave the farm without at least taking the dogs. So we can't go to a shelter, and taking this road show to a friend's house sounds like torture. We have a 50/50 chance of getting electric back tomorrow.

I will pray for electricity, or a small propane heater.

The feed store will deliver a round bale of hay, so I can let the horses out. They were kicking in the stalls tonight. They like the cold. The barn was warmer than the house, which figures with three hay burners.

Yesterday I wrote about the meatloaf on the grill. It was wonderful! I cooked it over the lowest flame setting, covered with foil. It was incredible. Okay, I was starving.

Night time temps dipped into the teens. Trouble woke me up every time the fire died. Yeah, really, it was weird. I had to stuff him back under the quilt a couple of times, because I wasn't going to get up and get cold.

We have wood and it must be green because the logs won't burn. When July comes we are going to get a propane fireplace. Wood is for the freaking birds. We have the technology for proper back up heat, no sense in suffering a second time.

The need for a shower has become critical. Beyond my comfort zone, though technically it is only my hair that needs to be washed. It's the IDEA of being 3 days without a shower that is driving me nuts.

 Ice Storm Musings

Ice Storm Part III

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