Sunday, May 10, 2020

Who Bugged Out?

Not long ago, there was an out-cry from resort towns, the wealthy 'summer people' were coming to their towns in droves, bringing their germs with them. There's nothing like importing your germs to a place with little access to healthcare to make you welcome in a small town.

Robert DeNiro was on Colbert's A Late Show -- from a quaint log cabin -- somewhere.

A Tennessee GOP Senator was also online from a quaint log cabin -- somewhere. He was bragging how the GOP was having the ACA gutted to uselessness.

I'm watching Meet The Press right now, with a rich black philanthropist who is obviously bugged-out in a quaint cabin -- somewhere. He even has his windows tightly shuttered so there's no telling where he really is, but the decor gives it away.

You know damn well the Tech Giants are ALL bugged-out of their city homes to somewhere.

Trust me, a Wal-Mart employee pays a higher percentage of their income in State and Federal Taxes (25% is average for us) than these Tax-Free parasites pay. Most of them paid nothing and got back BILLIONS of dollars of OUR tax dollars.

A few thousand people in a handful of states, people who don't think about the Common Good, don't care about real Americans who need things like jobs, roads, bridges, hospitals and schools have put into power a greedy, ruthless minority who are sucking the life out of OUR country.

Folks, this shit needs to change.

The only way it's gonna change is if everybody in America Votes in EVERY election. Right now, since so few people vote, the American Extremists have taken over State and Local Governments.

Vote in your local election.

Jump the hoops, sign the stupid documents. Get the ID and do it NOW.

November is coming, the virus will still be here, write your GOVERNOR, of your STATE and tell them you want to vote by MAIL.

At this time, more 80k Americans have died. Let their lives mean something.

Do what you have to do to Vote.
Every Election.
Every Time.

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