Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Opportunity Wasted

Restaurant owners sour on county over big fee for sewer "hookup" fees for existing service.

There is nothing like investing $750k in your business then getting hit with another $50k for something that isn't going to change.

The Kustalas planned to open Lure at Coffee Creek Estate by this fall, but Nicholas said the reuse-fee issue has delayed its opening and put on hold 15 to 25 new jobs. Nicholas Kustala has taken the issue to U.S. Rep. Steven LaTourette, R-Bainbridge, and is working with the county commissioners to find a solution. The topic came up at a commissioners’ work session earlier this week, and Commissioners Board President Daniel Claypool said it shows one issue of county and municipal sewer treatment systems: unreasonably high tap-in fees that discourage new business.
We all know how 'cliquish' small towns are - is this just the latest example of how backwards Ashtabula county really is?

There is the story of the people who purchased siding, for a building on Main Street, but couldn't put it up because no one told them it had to be a certain gage.

There are the hundreds of abandoned homes that 'can't' be taken over by the city and resold. Commerical buildings that have been vacant for years. And the Carlisle building that is literally condemned and can't be be torn down.

This is the same county that insists on finding a 'fairy Godfather' super-plant that will employ every person in town - instead of growing small and micro-businesses.

In the land of 'Go Big or Go Home' is it any wonder why business choose the 2nd option?

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