Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kindle Author Interview: Dan Holloway

Long time friend of Jordan's Croft - Dan Holloway has an interview on Kindle Author. Follow this link to read it.

Yea! Dan!

I want to acknowledge Dan and his contributions to my journey - back in the early Authonomy days there were several long and in depth conversations about self-publishing and ways to make it work.

Dan started Year Zero with some like-minded friends, others started DIIARTS publishing and Lorraine started a blog called "Author's on Show." I sat on the fence and blogged about their adventures, knowing that it might be a good idea for me as well.

Then that Joe Konrath guy came along - with some serious numbers.

Authonomy has changed - it isn't the incubator of creativity that it used to be. I see that Team Autho is working to clean out the riff-raff because the site is still a magnet for newbie writers wanting to get a break.

Still I recall those conversations and the comradary we shared very fondly. It is always good to see others growing in this ever-changing business.

Best Wishes!

Kindle Author: Kindle Author Interview: Dan Holloway: "Dan Holloway, author of The Company of Fellows , discusses his book, his journey as a writer, and self-publishing on Kindle. DAVID WISEHAR..."

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