Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Great Idea

I'm dangerous when I start thinking. The phrase 'what if' gets me into more trouble.

The other day I was on E-Bay - and I picked up on the 'hatching eggs' section.

Seriously, I couldn't resist. I tried, but I kept going back to this one part. They were offering 17 hatching eggs of various species. Potluck - catch as catch can. Whatever was laid that day - I would get 17 of them.

Chicken, duck, goose, turkey, pheasant or -- drum roll -- peacock eggs to be sent to my home for me to attempt to hatch.

I should know better...I'm gambling again. This time it will be more fun - if anything hatches.

I'm hopeless - you know that right?

I wrote this post because my book came back from the editor and I'm too chicken to look at it.



Ian Mathie said...

You could live to regret that action if you get a peacock egg and it hatches. Have you heard the racket they make?
Still, they make good esating if you roast them slowly and the feathers will look pretty in your hat on Thanksgiving Day.

Ms Kitty said...

Everyone in the family wanted me to get a peacock egg.

I wanted a pheasant. (OH they taste so GOOD!)

However, I got a goose egg instead. I'm THRILLED to have a goose!

There is a blue egg that is not labeled, but I think it is a large chicken egg.

There are also a few turkey eggs.

The majority are chicken eggs. He said he had Dominques - which are a very rare old breed that I raise when I can.

He also has Moscovie ducks, which I also have.

So I'm very excited about the eggs.

Unfortunately, I don't have the heart to eat any of my birds. I sell some to a Chinese woman who LOVES duck.

Ian mathie said...

The blue one might turn out to be a surprise. I wonder how big it was? it could be a duck or maybe a guinea fowl. They too make an awful racket, but are tasty when casseroled or barbecued. Their spotty feathers make wonderful fishing lies too.