Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As it gets hotter outside, the AC starts feeling colder. The dogs play outside for a few hours every day - then come back to the cool air.

Well, it's getting harder and harder to do a 'nose check' without poking the cushions or the lumps under the blankets.

I've got an invisible dog.

I can't see him most of the time. He's usually under a blanket or behind the couch cushions. Lately it's been under the blankets on the bed, or the quilts on the back of the couch. He often slides between the back of the couch and the cushions there, too.

Last night I was snacking, I thought I had a pillow under my head. Turns out that pillow wanted a bite of chicken finger. I ended up with a little black nose on my shoulder.

Captain Jack Sparrow may have a parrot on his shoulder - but I've got Trouble the Invisible Dog.

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