Thursday, August 6, 2009

Completed and Sent

Yes, it was a battle, but I got the 3 chapters of "Let's Do Lunch" revised and sent to the editors who requested the re-write.

First I had problems with my laptop. Then Windows crashed like a brick through a window. It took four days for me to get the laptop fixed. Then I was able to get working - in between events that required my attention.

Two days ago I found that my network had been hacked. The lousy performance of the wireless was the big sign that something was wrong. That and flashing application windows on my desktop that I couldn't read.

The clean up was extensive. I lost my address books. I lost all my email. Lost all my software too. My data files are intact. So I still have "Lunch" and "Moon" and my notes for all the other novels.

I was able to get some work done - once I fixed the printers. So this afternoon the rewrite was finished and I sent out the chapters. I did cut 4k words. It did help the pace.

I have to get the Croft whipped back into shape. And take care of that to-do list that has gotten backed up.

Now we wait.

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