Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alice Cooper at Horseshoe Casino

Rumors fly about Rock Star's and their antics. You name the band, there is a rumor about them out there somewhere. I've heard some wild ones about Alice Cooper over the years.

Friday was no exception.

The first thing we found out was that this was the kick off concert. Our friendly informant explained that they had been practicing all week.

"It's loud.," he said. "Really loud." He told us that Alice's kids (daughter Calico, not sure if they others were) were in the show. He also said that he'd seen the guillotine at work several times.

It was loud - and it was a really good concert. Of course, being the first concert of a series, there was a hitch. The opening curtain fell on Alice's head, but that was a little thing. Alice should introduce the band at the end, they all did a good job.

I thought that it was a darn good show. Alice brought out the guillotine, the gallows, the eight foot syringe and the cabinet of swords. All in all I think they killed him four times. There were no animals, bats, snakes or chickens in the show, which was fine with me.

In a world where Rock Star histrionics are legendary - Alice Cooper has a dirty little secret. Mind you this is a man who boasts he'd "poison a blind man's dog and steal his cane."

This is major.

"He's a great guy," our informant told us. "Signs autographs, shakes peoples hands and seems really nice."

Keep that under your hat. No one will believe it.

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