Urban Fantasy

June swallowed the moon to find her one true love, a motorcycle from Hell dropped Eric on her doorstep; now the devil wants his due.

Welcome to Ashtabula Ohio, a truly God-forsaken place. 

An accountant for a failing company, June longs for true love. In a Wiccan summoning ceremony, she swallows the moon in a effort to find her soul mate. 

What she gets is Ohio National Guardsman Eric Macmillan, who owns a cursed Suzuki Hayabusa, and two spirits: DEA agent Jake the Snake, and the malevolent stripper Cora Cobra. Back from Afghanistan, divorced and un-employed, Eric is the third owner of the Hayabusa. The other owners are dead, just not departed. He's looking for the artist to repair 'Cora's' snake-inspired paint job. 

When Eric arrives at the scene of Jake's last sting, on a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, all hell breaks loose. 

Van Man Go is the world's greatest airbrush artist. He will repaint Eric's Hayabusa, for the usual price. Like Cora Cobra and Jake the Snake, Eric must put his soul up for collateral. Cora and Jake failed to pay their debts, now the devil wants his due. 

Somebody's going to pay, and pay very soon. Who will it be?