Short Fiction

Ellen O’Grady is on a rescue mission, throwing her ex-husband in the horse trough is only getting started.

It's February in the bandlands, and a plane has crashed on a remote mesa. Unfortunately Ellie needs her ex-husband, Green Beret Daniel Grady, to help her rescue their son and his passenger. 
She has Air Force Captain Evan Smith to help her – but only Grady knows the terrain well enough to get them in and out before a big snow storm hits.

Can she keep the two headstrong men from killing each other AND save the survivors?


Dr. Katie McCarty DVM is called in to assess the 'mutilation' of a horse. She finds a crazy woman who calls herself a 'Horse Whisperer' running a barn full of teen-aged girls and young stallions. 

This is a recipe for disaster - luckily Dr. McCarty's there when it strikes.

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