Thursday, July 6, 2017

Progress on 'Collision Course'

Well, there's been a goodly amount of progress on the new book. The Fourth of July holiday falling on a Tuesday this year made things a bit hectic on the farm.

The horses HATE fireworks. I have a redneck neighbor who goes completely crazy on the fireworks every year. Sparks and other debris fall into my pastures and scare my horses nearly to death every year.

The first year we lived at the house we had sparks land on the roof. (We now have a metal roof. I sleep better.) My neighbor is a 'great guy' when it comes to just about everything else -- it's just the typical redneck desire to blow things up.

This year, the fireworks started on June 30th and ran every freaking night until the 4th. I had to go outside with a flashlight and call for the old black gelding. He's the only one who will come to me during the fireworks. And for some reason, I didn't find them even after 2 rounds of the fields.

I think they were avoiding me, they were that spooked. The last time I went out with grain an a bucket.

I even got the alpacas that time!

By the time Tuesday rolled around, the horses and the alpacas knew to come to the barn when the fireworks started. The alpacas refused to come in early, but they were waiting at the barn door when I got home from work.

I'm hoping this weekend we don't have any more fireworks. I want to write and I can't when I know my animals are in distress.

So I'll get back to the adventures of Leo and Wendy next week. I've got at least another 25k words to hit the target, it's wrapping up fast.