Sunday, December 11, 2016

Saving Jobs - At What Cost?

The hollowing out of the middle of the nation has created a huge need for aid, and a huge opportunity for a propaganda machine. Nuts and bolts factories are important, but states don't run on federal funds, they need state taxes to run.

The newly elected Trump has saved 1000 jobs at one factory, and it's cost 7 million dollars over 10 years. Are those people going to make the $700,000 a year that it will cost to keep their jobs?

Is Trump going to spend that kind of money every time he 'saves' 1000 jobs?

Can Indiana go without $700k in taxes a year, when they aren't going to get that kind of return on their investment in income tax?

What kind of state funding cuts are going to take place in the next 10 years because the state lost that money? Education? Police? Firefighters? Schools? Roads? Bet it comes out of Health Care, nobody really needs health care, right?

Does spending $70,000 for every job 'saved' make economic sense? The average worker earns maybe half that.

Trump got a lot of mileage out of this 'deal.' Maybe the amount of media coverage would have cost him more than the $7 million that Indiana will spend over the next 10 years. That makes it a 'good deal' for him...right?

How many times is it going to cost individual states $70k per job, per year for our president to "Save Jobs"?

Can the states of Fly Over America afford this kind of "help?"

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