Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In For A Rough Ride


Counting down the days to the Inauguration.

Two jets cancelled, 30 years of One China policy shattered, business dealings of questionable legitimacy heading to a constitutional crisis, hundreds of thousands of Indiana tax payer's money given to a company moving jobs to Mexico, the Alt-Right emboldened enough to "Hail Trump" and protests in the streets. The Trump Presidency is already cursing us with interesting times.

Short of the electoral college switching sides en mass -- don't hold your breath on that one -- we've got to get used to the New World Order.

All this noise and clamor, with the press permanently out of favor, camped out in the lobby of Trump Tower, guessing what is going on -- there's a pattern to this. It's not a pattern most city folks would have seen, because it's a whole different game, more like a rodeo than any political talking head has ever seen.


Trump is acting like a bull getting into a bucking chute. Banging into the side panels, bawling, climbing the gate, all the while the boys in the back are getting the rope in place, getting ready for Uncle Sam to climb on board.

Think about it.

To this point, Trump has been singing "I Did It My Way" and he might put up a good fight for quite awhile. But the Job is the Presidency of the United States, a huge responsibility that has sucked the life out of younger, more active men.

We've all seen what four years in that job does to men - it AGES them.

Trump is not a young man.

He can kick up a huge fuss now - make mistakes that will take on a life of their own, but he can't buck off Uncle Sam for the next four years. He signed up for this ride and he's in it for the duration.

The flankers are in place, ready to set the flank strap while Uncle Sam eases into position and gets the rope around Trumps girth, ready to give the nod to the gate keepers who are gonna open the gate for this bucking bull of a President. He might spin before he starts sun-fishing, Uncle Sam might get hung up and there might be a hell of a wreck before this is over.

We're in for a rough ride, here in Fly Over America, but we're in the sidelines. Uncle Sam has some wicked sharp spurs, there are bullfighters in the arena and the pitfalls are many and deep.

Hold onto your hats, folks. This bull is a bad hombre!

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