Friday, November 11, 2016

Why Did Those Racist Rednecks Do That to Us?

Greetings from Fly Over America - the people who brought you the Trump Presidency.

The media might ask "Why did those racist SOBs do this to us?" but (as usual) they aren't asking the right question. They are already assuming that Fly Over Americans are different; backwards, ignorant racist, sexist and unwashed savages who voted for Trump because they were racist, backwards, etc.

This is the root of the problem: the media-fostered stereotype that creates a feedback loop that continues to make things worse as time goes on.

The truth is Fly Over America is populated by tough-minded survivors who resent being ignored while the (Fox) news shows 'others' being pampered and petted because they are 'unfortunate' for some manufactured reason.

Fly Over America might have a different culture than the toasty Coasties but they are sharper than the media wants to admit. They see the patterns forming in our society the same as the toasty Coasties. But the only time anyone from the East Coast pays any attention to the VAST MAJORITY of Americans is election time.

Otherwise, no one gives a shit about Fly Over America.

Those 'Rednecks' y'all despise so much know that Trumps policies aren't going to change their lives by much, and there's just an off chance things might get a bit better for them. But they (and the rest of Fly Over America) will be forgotten before the acceptance speech hits YouTube.

But they are absolutely postive that Trump is going to shake the Liberal tree so hard it might just fall over.

This article at the Washington Post: A new theory for why Trump voters are so angry — that actually makes sense should be required reading for all Talking Heads.

Here's a quote:
But if you’re wondering about the widening fissure between red and blue America, why politics these days have become so fraught and so emotional, Kathy Cramer is one of the best people to ask. Well before President Obama or the tea party, well before the rise of Trump sent reporters scrambling into the heartland looking for answers, Cramer was hanging out in dairy barns and diners and gas stations, sitting with her tape recorder taking notes. Her research seeks to understand how the people of small towns make sense of politics — why they feel the way they feel, why they vote the way they vote.
 The article just quoted is very interesting, very informative and a likely theory. More likely than 'those stupid, unwashed savages voted because their racist' in fact, because Cramer "went rural" to listen, something the media doesn't usually do. They come in to an area looking for what they expect to find - instead of listening to the people.
I think all too often, we put our energies into figuring out where people stand on particular policies. I think putting energy into trying to understanding they way they view the world and their place in it — that gets us so much further toward understanding how they’re going to vote, or which candidates are going to be appealing to them. - Kathy Cramer
This is a tremendous point.

Pollsters ask stupid questions like "where do you stand on the issue of bathroom usage?" Most people in Fly Over America don't give a damn, as long as you flush the toilet. But the toasty Coasties have CREATED an issue about bathroom usage, and other trivial nonsense that won't get clean water for Flint, or a living wage for struggling Americans in Fly Over territory.

But nobody asks Fly Over Americans what they need to solve their economic problems. No, no, no! It goes against every programmed stereotype! Coastie tourists come to Detroit to make ruin porn, not to solve the Flint water problem. They sneer at the struggling people who were born to the Middle Class and now are scraping the bottom, lucky to get a job at Walmart or the local gas station that won't pay the bills.

The media wants to focus on something that will make Fly Over Americans look like ignorant, unwashed savages. (Because, you know Deliverance and all that.)

So Fly Over America's resentment builds, and builds, and builds.
Cramer: One of the very sad aspects of resentment is that it breeds more of itself. Now you have liberals saying, “There is no justification for these points of view, and why would I ever show respect for these points of view by spending time and listening to them?” 
Middle-age women are dying like flies due to opiates, people are making and smoking Meth and heroin is killing hundreds and would kill thousands if there wasn't an antitoxin but the toasty Coasties shrug it off. "Who cares? One less redneck cluttering our perfect, organic, suburban live style."

Therefore Fly Over America has sent the loudest and most obnoxious message possible to the toasty Coasties. "Somebody needs to shake them damned sonsofbitches up!" And "by God chaos will rule Washington for the next four years."

Frankly, most Americans supported the ideal of a woman in the White House but don't want to see four more years of deadlock. Common sense tells them that Clinton will be less effective than Obama because she's up against the Worst Congress and Senate in history.

Not to mention the fact that Fox News, Roger Ales and Rupert Murdoch successfully assassinated Hilary and never touched a hair on her head.

There is no way to separate the truth from the lies - if one has followed the Clinton Soap Opera since the first season, it appears that (except for the proven fact that Bill is a horndog who should be on a short leash) it's all inconsequential bullshit.

Know what? Fly Over Americans don't care how, where or with whom Bill, Newt, Donald or Anthony get their kicks.

They don't care how they got their money either.

Fly Over Americans know that Politicians are as much Confidence men (and women) as the sleazy used car salesmen down the street or fly-by-night revival tent preacher - it's all snake oil and drinking fake strychnine. Ask any Fly Over American - they say all politicians prostitute themselves and part you from your hard-earned cash without delivering the goods.

Trump was a bomb sent Washington because of his faults, not in spite of them. Sure there might be a few souls who believed his rhetoric, but when one stands in the voting booth, looking down at the cast vote button, the only true power the Fly Over American has, the temptation, built from frustration, resentment and the subtle sneer on the lips of every talking head on TV, is irresistible.

Those sneering SOBs in Washington deserve this man to be President, whisper the darkest recesses of the soul. None of them are going to help me or my people. They only care about themselves.

That's why they did it, in a nutshell. You can't gut the majority of a nation and expect them to line up like sheep for another round of the same, not when there's an alternative that will spread the pain to the ones who hur them the most: the SOBs in Washington who wouldn't help a Nation of taxpayers because the President happened to be black.

Fly Over America is looking forward to the clash of wills between Trump, McConnell and Ryan.


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