Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump's Hit List - Federal Employees at State Department and Department of Justice

According to Trump and his GOP lackeys are sighting Federal Employees as their first target. There are 2.1 million federal civilian employees.

Who would have thought Trump would start at the State Department, then hit the Justice Department in a sweeping firing that removes anyone who could really investigate the ties between the Kremlin and Trump Tower during the election? 

Rumors circulating in the media and online tell the tale of a president who realizes that not only is he in a fishbowl, but the cats are all around him, waiting for his next mistake. So he's getting rid of the lawyers who would be investigating him and his ties to the Russian Oligarchy in general and the Fertilizer King in particular. 

The intelligence agencies that he's slighted, the Never Trump people, aren't going to let him do whatever he wants. Gutting the State Department and the Department of Justice NOW when there were already people he tapped to stay is a suspicious move. 

However, there may not be any way for him to get at the people who can shine a light into the dark and convoluted dealings between Trump Tower and the Kremlin. 

Meanwhile, here in Kentucky, there was no winter to speak of. The coal companies have been given a green light to dump their waste into the streams and regulations that MIGHT have helped our beleaguered planet are being gutted. 

Social media is still awash in Fake News, propaganda by any name stinks like bullshit, but what will grow in the fertilizer is anybodies guess. 

We are not just a state under siege, we are a country and a world under siege by those who want money NOW and don't care what scorched Earth they leave behind as long as they get theirs NOW. 

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