Monday, November 14, 2016

So What Really Happened? Gerrymandering

Can we stop blaming Fly Over Americans long enough to look a the maneuverings of the GOP over the last 8 years?

They've taken over the states, gerrymandered the districts and eliminated polling sites in Democratic (i.e. ethnic*) neighborhoods. It was a sneaky way to ensure that THIS election might LOOK like it would go to Clinton and the Dems, (because of the media) but the districts would be weighted towards the Chosen of the GOP. But that was The Plan before the election was (sorry) Trumped.

This is how the GOP rigged the election, instead of being shut out, and they have the Rednecks of Fly Over America to blame for the rise of Trump. Trump rode a bobsled track into office. He knew about the bobsled track, it was all over the news, MSNBC talked about it a lot. Here's a link to Solon that goes back to June of 2016, talking about how this was set up.

Unless citizens get real on the state level, the Democrats may never win another election. The system IS rigged, but it's on the state level, which gives Voting Americans the chance to change it.

But only if they can spare the time to get involved with local politics.

Most of us Fly Over Americans don't have the time. Heads of households are working 2 or even 3 part time jobs just to survive. When a family has two adults working 2 jobs, they might be able to make the time, but if there are 3 or more jobs split between two people...there's no way.

Besides, your local news channel is probably a Fox News TV affiliate. They are going to have plenty of national news to keep the average person in a constant state of outrage, so they aren't going to cover the sneaky stuff the GOP is doing in your back yard.

Too many struggling parents have no idea they have to work on the STATE politics because elections are won State by State, not an open election. Civics classes, like cursive, evolution and science, are no longer mandatory in schools. A voter has no way of knowing how the system is supposed to work if that information is never taught to them.

It does seem like there's a concentrated effort to keep Fly Over Americans ignorance, doesn't it? It doesn't have to be a vast right-winged conspiracy, all it needs is an eroding tax base and schools have no money to teach the classes that kids need. Especially those pesky ethnic kids who might grow up to be President some day.

Cutting taxes for the rich on the state level dries up the money for all kinds of things, from schools to police and fire protection, the roads and bridges. Once Education and those services and jobs are gone, the taxpayers get nervous and leave a few at a time until an area is a hollowed out shell. Nobody wants to live in a city that has too few cops, lousy schools and bad roads, but Fly Over America is wallpapered with places just like that.

All this is related, nothing happens in a vacuum. It's not a Conspiracy, is merely a feedback loop, one that's much older than most people understand. Once the Boomer years were over, and manufacturing started going over seas, these opportunities opened up for people who knew the system. Back in the 1970's, this stuff was taught in state history, civics and social studies classes, but those classes were cut as the 1980's economy crumbled to nothing.

The newspapers were full of economic concerns that most people scoffed at, but that came to pass as union jobs were replaced by McJobs at Walmart. But now, even the newspapers are dying, so truth is getting harder and harder to find.

The GOP has the Worlds Greatest Propaganda Machine in Fox News - so people stay mad at the 'Fox Target of the Month' and don't see what's happening in their own back yards. They are blindsided by reality, betrayed by the news source they've been told to trust.

Crime rates rise as people get more desperate. The fewer police there are, and the more the media focuses on ethnic neighborhoods, the fewer cops there are, the more scared the COPS get, the more likely they are to kill an unarmed taxpayer.

Hard to believe that gerrymandering on a state level can cause so much damage? This is where you can find what your district is named, by zip code. Here's a site where you can see you district mapped out.

Notice the shape. Odd isn't it?

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*We are using the term Ethnic instead Black or Hispanic because, genetically, we aren't really RACES in genetic terms here in the USA. A person of Hispanic or Latino heritage has lots of European Spanish or Portuguese genes and most Black people in the USA have mixed European genes. Brown, black or white, we're more like cousins than races of the same species.

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K. A. Jordan said...

Found online today:

"...while other recent ex-presidents have devoted their retirement years to apolitical, do-gooder causes, Obama is gearing up to throw himself into the wonky and highly partisan issue of redistricting, with the goal of reversing the electoral declines Democrats have experienced nationally."