Friday, November 11, 2016

Karma is a Bitch

I'm wondering what Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are having for breakfast?

Whiskey? Valium? Xanex?


Oh yes! Big heaping plates of crow!

Buckets and buckets of crow, covered in Paranoia Gravy.

Yes, the Congress and Senate that did less in 8 years, that has the lowest approval rating EVER has a new boss. One who is more infamous for running his mouth than for suffering in silence.

This President won't need Key & Peele to emote for him. He has an East Coast Hit Squad already tracking down his enemies one by one to get even with each and every one of them.

Even Stephen Colbert acknowledges there is trouble afoot.

I live in "Fly Over America" so named because when the majority of manufacturing left the United States, it hollowed out the middle of America and left rotting husks behind. "Everybody who wanted to be somebody" moved to the East or West coast.

The frozen-out Middle America has been battling to rebuild for decades, ignored by the toasty Coasties, the only manufacturing: basement Meth labs. That fact, with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ales pounding Middle America with propaganda for decades, unleashed a revolution.

So many people faced the choices in the voting booth with disgust and dismay. Who to send to Washington - the woman who would only be dismissed and reviled by likes of McConnell and Ryan - two men even more sexist than racist?

Or the one man who would make both Congress and the Senate kiss his 'feet' and bark like the sonsofbitches they really are?


So my friends let's stop squabbling with each other, grab some popcorn and watch the show. Washington is getting it's just deserts.

Let's face the facts:

1) Nobody in Washington is going to help Middle America rebuild our economy. They are too busy fighting each other and collecting payola from special interests.

2) Clinton would have been treated even WORSE by Congress and the Senate, because she's a woman. (America might have done her a favor by turning her loose to be a private citizen.)

3) Trump has a list of enemies a mile long, Omarosa said revenge is going to be his top priority, so nothing in Middle America is going to change for a very long time, if ever, see point # 1.

4) The Constitution set up a series of checks and balances that can keep a President from doing much of anything. We've had 8 years of that already, it works pretty good.

Relax - move on. It's going to be okay.

The people who are going to be hurt the worst by this election are already in Washington.

Get some popcorn, watch who is scrambling to kiss the 'feet' of the new President and laugh.

It's a whole new circus my friends.

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