Monday, November 21, 2016

Hate Didn't Elect Anybody - No Propaganda Did

One of those critters isn't like the other - and like the results of the election - a quick glance isn't going to give you the whole picture.

The internet is flooded with both 'The Democrats Didn't Get it' posts and an equal number of 'Middle Americans voted against their best interest' posts.

That's on top of the 'Rednecks are sexist bigots' posts.

It's true, the plight of Fly Over Americans has been ignored by people who are more interested in 'those poor _____ who have ____'. A big complaint that I've heard since childhood is that the government wastes billions of dollars overseas when there are people here in the USA suffering more.

Headlines about bathroom "issues" are adding insult to injury.

Nobody in Fly Over America gives a damn, just flush the john and wash your hands.

But how about some help for the millions of Americans addicted to opiates? Instead of getting help for the problem, Naloxone or Narcan is being passed out to police, EMTs and anybody who might save a life.

It's a game of 'inject and release' with addicts left to their own devices to get help. Like that's going to happen?

Shame on the GOP, for cherry picking their issues from their own sounding box, but more shame on liberals for ignoring the massive streams of propaganda that run through Fly Over America like a stream of dirty water from a septic tank. They've had blinders on for decades.

When the national stage is overtaken by bathroom issues, while people who are floundering in a economic siege with opiates killing friends and family daily, regular folks are going to be pissed off; especially when Talk Radio and Fox News have been hammering the same message home for decades: "You need to take your country back."

The results is that everybody except Sanders looks like a damn fool.

Propaganda Trumped social issues this election. (Not sorry for the pun this time.)

Propaganda won this time. The non-breathing citizens who used money as their free speech won this election. Even the people who don't understand the problem, can see what happened.

Take this quote from Forsetti's Justice where the writer blames the denizens of Fly Over America for their own problems:
The real problem isn’t east coast elites don’t understand or care about rural America. 
The real problem is rural America doesn’t understand the causes of their own situations and fears and they have shown no interest in finding out.
They don’t want to know why they feel the way they do or why they are struggling because they don’t want to admit it is in large part because of choices they’ve made and horrible things they’ve allowed themselves to believe.
The italics are mine.

Forsetti and #FlyOverAmericans might not know the source of the misinformation, but that doesn't mean that nobody knows. Somebody knows, Roger Ales, the Murdocs, maybe even Putin, if you aren't afraid of taking the problem global. The narrative is a unending, mind-numbing, bludgeoning of the listener that resonates because there's a kernel of truth: Fly Over Americans don't matter to those living large on either coast.

It would be interesting to see a map comparing the places where Fox News is on the local network TV station and the results of the election. The correlation would be eye-popping.

If there is a way to console Clinton, it might be this: "You called it: "a vast Right Wing Conspiracy" and you were right, it exists. But it isn't just you they're after. They are inciting unrest in all middle America. Your best act of public service might be in the private sector after all."


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