Saturday, September 17, 2016

Referendum on Bigotry?

It too soon for me to post the clip.

I will add it later.

I just heard on The Racheal Maddow Show a woman say that this election is a 'Referendum on bigotry.' (Look for this clip: "Trump's clumsy birther lies trigger outrage.") This feels like a last ditch attempt for the racism of the 1900's to put 'them' back 'in their place.'

My problem with that is unless you're a WASP and a Man - you're one of 'them.'  I think that leaves almost 75% of America as 'them.'

President Bill Clinton said on The Daily Show, that people are less racist and sexist then ever before.

The election of Obama, our first black President brought the bigotry in Congress and the Senate out of the closet, out to for the world to see.

It was shameful, but people like Mitch McConnell feel no shame. None. He's so racist, all he needs is a sheet and pointy hat to get David Duke's job. Maybe that's what he'll do when he's done in the Senate. (gag me)

But it's racists like McConnell that gave us Trump and his racist agenda. So it's only fitting that McConnell hates Trump.

Karma is a bitch, Mitch.

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