Sunday, August 14, 2016

Making 1950's America Over?

The other night Trevor Noah made a profound statement that has rung in my head ever since: "Trump is a 1950's guy. So when Trump says 'I'm gonna make America GREAT again!' he's really saying he's wants to bring back 1950's America." (Without the heavy taxes that millionaires paid in those days and all those pesky social reforms.)

What he's really talking about is simple: The Boomer Years.

The problem is the Boomer Generation went to work for corporations that changed the world, profoundly, and in their favor. Like goats, they've eaten all the green and left the rest of us to deal with the ravaged desert they left behind.

Well, we've been dealing, and there are a number of things from the 1950's that I think we should bring back.

Clean Air -- all the CO2 in the atmosphere is a pollutant.

Clean Water -- get all the fresh water in country clean enough to drink. There are 40 years of pollutants that need to be taken out. Maybe by the corporations that polluted the water in the first place.

While we're at it, get the oceans clean enough to eat out of. Add back all the fish and take out all the plastic and other garbage.

My problem with Trump is that he might have a great delivery, and be a hell of a an entertainer, but he can't un-do 65 years of resource harvesting and industrial pollution.

He can't clean the air or the water. He can't put the CO2 back into the ground ground as fertility.

He can't make it rain in California. Hilary can't make it rain in California.

Guess we just have to vote for the career politician who won't nuke the world in a fit of temper.

If we, as citizens of the world, want to make the world a great place again, we're each gonna have to do our little bit.

Act local, think global.

It's a great start.

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