Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paring Down Moves to Cyber Space

A few weeks ago I was ranting about the way things had taken over my life. (See Things That Take Over Our Lives) I was very frustrated because there was so much stuff - mine, my parents and my husbands - that I wasn't enjoying my life at all.

That put me in the mood to purge, and man, I purged the entire house. There are just two closets to go, the rest of the stuff is gone. Furniture, electronics, books, clothing, things small and large were taken out of my house. Last to go was the fish tank I've had for almost 30 years.

Yeah, it was a huge undertaking.

Now I'm struggling with the hoarding gene again. It wants me to fill my house back up. My husband isn't helping - he's gone on a buying binge that's filled his office with enough rockets to have his own Star Fleet. But I degress - this blog isn't about him and his stuff.

The next step was to pare down my social media sites. Three blogs, five Facebook pages, three twitter accounts and a half-dozen email addresses. I've deleted and unpublished and abandoned nearly all of them.

This is the only blog - there is the Icy Road Publishing Facebook page, twitter account @IcyRoadPubs, and it's email list. All the rest is gone.

Oddly enough, that's made it easier to start posting again because my energy is now focused on a smaller number of projects.

Who'd have thunk it?

So, the mailing list is going to become the next priority. I'm going to need to tweak it, because I've got Mom's short stories and my books all lumped together. But that is still easier than scattering my energy all over the internet.

Yahoo! Let's see if we get anywhere with a better focus.

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