Friday, August 8, 2014

Setting Up Shop

People change. It can be for the better or for the worst. I've moved and my life is about to change, I hope this will be for the best. 

The new farm, which is currently known as Talbot Hill is my Dad's place. I could change the name, going to blog over at Mom's blog "Icy Road." Or I can just start over. 

There are so really great perks about the new farm. For one thing there are three more acres of land and an orchard. There's an office/studio in a huge garage. There are wings to the garage for the animals, and there's a spring at the bottom of the hill. 

I'll take over Mother's studio, and continue to publish her stories from there. Just got to get it cleaned up and painted.

This isn't really a farm, yet. There's a garage, but no barn for the animals. There aren't any critters here, just me and the mice. 

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