Saturday, July 19, 2014

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I will not sell your email address to anyone. This is to inform you of new releases, like the new "Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse" ebook coming out soon.

Why on EARTH have I posted the Sign-up Form?

There's a method to this Newsletter madness -- and it has to do with the new Publishing Company I just started. I'll have more time to write my own stuff and publish Mom's stuff if Icy Road Publishing can get a mailing list of readers.

When there's a New Release - if it's one of Mom's or one of mine - I can tell our readers directly - with the addresses from Amazon and Smashwords (Author Pages, not invididual e-book pages.)

My goal is 50 email addresses. 

That's not an arbitrary number - that's the number of e-books that sell when there's a new release. That's the number of hits this blog gets when there's a new post. It's the number of people who've asked to be notified when the new books come out.

So please sign up - I know you are out there.


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