Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gosling Story

I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow of the little gosling. I'm pretty sure it's a girl - the 5 drakes are raising her, taking her out every morning and back to the nesting females every evening.

She is surrounded by the drakes, who treat her like a princess. She is the center of their world. There is always one next to her, protecting her like the fragile baby that she is.

Sadly, two more goslings hatched yesterday, but didn't make it through the night. I would have loved to watch them grow up with the same attention and care.

I've got to get photos of this. The problem is that I can't get too close. Our 'food truce' doesn't apply where she's concerned. I get attacked if I get too close.


The little princess vanished two days ago. I don't know what got her, or how it got through her loyal knights.

It's sad.

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