Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trade vs Self-Publishing -> Real Data

The last few weeks have seen a great deal of chest-beating by members of the Trade Publishing Industry. There were some references made to 'cattle,' 'culling herds' and 'easy pickings' that nearly had me foaming at the mouth.

Since I felt so strongly about it, I didn't post anything here. I was too outraged for words...which takes quite a bit of outrage.

I feel that Joe Konrath wrote a great reply. Joe is one of those people who doesn't mince words. It makes him come off hot-headed, but this time, he hit one out of the park.

Then, Dean Westly Smith chimed in, with his learned opinion.

Even the well-mannered and witty crowd at the Passive Voice was fuming. The blog was awash in cow jokes.

However, I'm all a twitter -- with good reason. Huge Howey and an unknown Data Cruncher have sent out a spider to mine the web of TRUE SALE'S DATA.

The results are stunning, beyond stunning - they're... atomic. I have no idea what (beyond a horrendous sh!t storm) will come of these revelations. One website has already 'poo-pooed' the numbers as 'bad math' and locked the thread down.

Of all the graphs - I chose this one because it shows that those who say that e-books are a mere 30% of Amazon genre fiction sales are ever so very wrong.

IMO - there is going to be conciderable backlash from the Publishing Industry. This shows that Indie authors are making more money and selling more books than anyone on the Trade side ever suspected.

With contracts being so one-sided, it appears this report is going to make a lot of authors think twice before they offer up their work to the Publishing Industry. Not all of them, of course, because so many will never give up the dream of that (godawful) Publishing Contract.

Bless them, they don't know what they're up against.

Take a look, this will blow your mind.

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