Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finished - At Last

The renovation of Chicken World is complete, there are 8 nest boxes, and twice as much roosting space now. There are still quite a few small details that need to be worked out. Some small spaces that need to be filled in, a few bits of paneling that need to be covered.

The crates are removable, for easy cleaning. Hopefully I'll be able to give the walls a coat of white wash before too long. If the weather EVER warms up.

The number of eggs has already gone up from five a day to nine. It might be because I'm not in there messing around while they're trying to lay.

I look at those photos with a very profound sense of satisfaction. There are many, many hours of work on those walls. I haven't found a single frozen chicken egg since I put the crates against the wooden walls. The eggs are also very clean. They hardly need any cleaning, just a quick swipe.

Now, I need the duck hens to find the hidden nests and get busy.

Now, back to the shakeup in the publishing industry.

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