Sunday, January 5, 2014

Waiting for the Cold Weather

The hens presented me with 7 eggs today. None were frozen/broken - here's hoping the paneling continues to work in this cold!

Figured out how to mount two milk crates on the finished part of the long wall in Chicken World. I've got a couple more stashed away so I'll end up with 4 milk crate nests up high. They are easy to clean.

Already had a hen move in.

Got the rest of the nests taken down. I like the shelf, hope I can take it apart without messing it up. There will be 5 nests on that level. The short wall needs a tweak or two but it's done. The main roosting area is on that wall. The chickens should stay warm in this cold snap. Got to figure out what to do with the window - the outside is a jagged hole. Might take a shot at 45 degree angles to make a nice frame. The work is nearly half complete. I'm very tired, but I look forward to going out every day, when the weather permits.

I was out there about 2 p.m. when the rain started. There is miscellaneous stuff in the barn, which worried the old mare. The other two tip-toed to their stalls, but the old mare stuck her head inside the barn and refused to budge until I got the grain out.

There's one more pallet to take apart. I think it can wait a few days. LOL

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