Saturday, January 4, 2014

Still Plugging Away

I'm reporting progress, very small amounts of progress.

Half of the short wall is done, floor to ceiling! Complete with roosts and two milk crate nest boxes. The rest of the wall is close to finished. I still need some planks.

I was rewarded with 5 eggs in one of the crate nest boxes. The hens are thrilled with the changes. These eggs were cool to the touch, not frozen! There's hope for a good hatching season.

The long wall has most of the top done. I have to tear apart a few more pallets before I can finish that wall. Once the wall is done, though, I have to rebuild the nest boxes.

I need another roost for the long wall. Half the flock perched on the old nests, which made them a horrendous mess. My goal is to have clean eggs and at least two banks of nests.

It's taken me a long time. It would have been more time effective to to buy panels or even sheet paneling. But the cost, some $30 a 4' x 8' sheet, is prohibitive.

The pallets are cheaper. I'll burn the wood waste - turn it into ashes which will go on the bedding in either the stalls, or on the manure spreader. Nothing will be wasted. It will all become fertilizer.

I've got a few photos and will take a few more.

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