Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Renovation - The Final Wall

This is the final part of the wall to panel.

I bought enough cedar fence panels to finish the wall, today.

The plan is simple - cut the boards to 48" for the long part. Then use the 24" to finish off the short bottom row.

Then I can put up the duck nest boxes. I'm thinking double deckers, 10 boxes. The chickens are going to want the highest boxes. The ducks want easy access.

There is twice as much roosting space as there was before. There's still room for one more roost if I need it. The youngest chickens have adopted the white plastic pipe as their roosting space.

I'm looking forward to selling goslings and ducklings this summer.

Eggs can't be allowed to freeze. So far, the eggs I've collected from Chicken World aren't frozen. This is a huge step forward from last year, when half the eggs I picked up were frozen (and cracked).

Since I started paneling, I've had one 12 egg day and several 8 egg days. The nest box on the finished wall is the most popular, it's the warmest area. So it looks like I'm on the right track.

Stay tuned.

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