Monday, January 6, 2014

Photos of Chicken World

It's freaking cold out there!

I found a couple of critters outside. I can't catch 59. Featherfoot was out, I got him in last night, but he was outside again this morning. I picked him up and put him in the old gelding's stall.

Got a dirty look for that. But I think the old boy has figured that the rooster is ill. Featherfoot hunkered down in a corner looking pitiful. The old gelding kinda rolled his eyes at me.

It's still really cold in Chicken World. I've got the little doors open, hoping 59 will come in. So far no one is going outside.

 This is main roosting area. There are three roosts with a nest box tied to the roost. The hens like this one best.

You can see the slats nailed to the wall. To the right is the alpaca stall. The alpacas watch the chickens as if the chickens were a soap opera.

The orange cools holds 5 gallons of water with drip spouts. That part is frozen right now.

This is a frame to the left. The window is the one I moved inside. The little door might be too narrow for the geese to use, not sure, I reinforced the sides to keep the drafts out.

You can see the ducks taking a look outside. They didn't go out, just stuck their beaks outside for a quick look.

The last photo is the shelf where the nest area used to be and the double rows of nests are going to be soon.

The upper part of the wall is paneled.
 So that's it for now. I've been poking around the barn looking for paneling materials. There's a wheelbarrow full of wood scraps destined for fireplace.

All the animals are snug in the barn.

All we have to do is wait out the weather.

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