Sunday, December 29, 2013

Renovation Frustration

In case you, dear reader, didn't know - I'm a small woman. I claim to be 5' 5", but I'm pretty sure that's in heels.

It's really frustrating - because when it comes to raw strength - I don't have any. Everything I do has to be thought out, because where a grown man can muscle his way through a task, I have to finesse it.

When it comes to horses, a small woman needs to have leverage, and a pocket full of treats. I've learned to handle my big Quarter horses, because they trust me and for the most part go along with good humor. This is also why I don't mess around with other people's horses. I know from years of hard knocks that I'll get hurt.

My alpacas seem very, very small after a lifetime with horses. With Grumpy and Bashful, it's a matter of using the least possible pressure - they become more relaxed. Even Grumpy has started to grunt in protest instead of screaming, spitting or cussing at me. These days he's just - you know - grumpy.

I do what I can to spoil the little beasts. I only got them in November, but they've come along faster than expected. They might be smarter than I gave them credit for - I hope so, I didn't give them credit for much.

Anyways, back to the Renovation of Chicken World. Taking apart pallets requires raw strength AND leverage. I've got a bit of leverage, but I'm completely knackered out on strength. My wrists and forearms are swollen from yanking nails and banging around with with a 3 lb sledge.

When I built the first nest boxes, I used screws because I knew I was going to go back and change it all around. I just didn't know it would take me 8 years to get around to it.  The roosts got put in at an angle, which worked until I needed more space, and better access. Which is RIGHT NOW! lol I have to put up more roosting timbers which means I have to take down what's already up there.

What I find completely frustrating is that once I've started a project, it is assumed that I shall finish it - requiring no help from others. In fact, if I ask for help, I get turned down.

I think I shall stop here, so this doesn't turn into a nasty rant. The good thing about frustration is that it makes it much more fun to bang around with a hammer.

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