Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Day - Another Step Forward

The alpacas were easier to catch tonight. 

Sabre seemed to figure it out first. He darted into the catch pen, reared like a bad pony, struggled just a bit as I put the lead rope on his halter. He gives in so quickly there's no trauma.

Tonka charged into the catch pen, screamed like he was dying, then lay down so I could put the lead rope on him. I think he gets the fact that I lead them in at night, but he hates to be touched. I gave him a some pats to make sure he knew I was pleased with him. 

The horses watched with dismay as we took the alpacas back into the barn. The old gelding followed hubby to the barn, but the young mare shoved past him. Hubby got those two sorted out. The old mare peeked in the barn, acting like something was going to jump on her. I cooed to her until she walked into her stall alone. 

The alpacas are stalled next to Chicken World. Tonka watches the chickens as if they were his favorite TV program. Sabre stands at the gate, watching the action out there. They've already charged a couple of roosters who come to the round pen to peck at the crumbs.

The alpaca pages I've read talk about how smart these critters are. So far, I haven't seen it. I see some curiosity, and a great deal of 'no-freaking-way' behavior. However, even after four days, there are signs that they are going to settle in. 

Now, if the horses would only get over the alpacas, I could start integrating the herds.

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.

A word about the ducklings: I set up the smaller kiddie pool as a brooder and moved the ducklings into the tack room. I turned on the heater, but the heat lamp appears to be enough to keep the room about 50 degrees. They perked up immediately. 

I also caught the smallest of the loose ducks and put them into the new brooder. They jumped into the feeder and ate until they could barely waddle.

I'm glad I was able to catch the poor things.

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