Thursday, October 24, 2013

Singer 66

The other day Hubby and I went to an antique store to browse around.

We found a really nice treadle sewing machine, with a cabinet in good shape, that moved with surprising ease. It appeared to be well taken care of - but there were no attachments, or belt.

I was on the fence - the mechanics looked about perfect - but I didn't know if I could find the important things like a manual and parts.

I really shouldn't have worried.

When the ladies explained that the machine was half price - Hubby grinned and said "Happy Birthday."

We brought it home for less than $40.

So far, I've been able to find everything I need to put the machine back in working order. The parts are - of course - more expensive than the machine. However, I'm pleased to be able to find what we needed on eBay and Amazon.

So everything I need is on order. I've signed up for a quilting class - along with my knitting classes.

I know it's a bit weird for a Techie like me to have old fashioned hobbies like spinning, knitting and crocheting. Adding sewing on a peddle machine to this and I'm starting to look like a throwback to a previous generation.

However, I see it this way - 10k years of spinning history is in my genes. Sewing and spinning are sisters. I'm going back to an expression of my heritage. I could be spending a lot of money on tanning beds and manicures like a normal woman.

I met a British ex-patriot yesterday who commented on the name of 'Jordan's Croft'. Since he was a Brit, I focused on my Scots heritage. (Brits like the Irish about as much as red-necks like Latinos or Afro-Americans.)

We had a great conversation - I realized then I slid into my comfort zone, with one foot in the 21 century and one in the 19th century. It makes perfect sense, if you figure that my grandparents were from the 19th century and my mother was of the 20th century.

I'm one of the links - there aren't that many any more - my life is linked across 3 centuries via 3 generations. Most people can't say that. I'm very happy to have that kind of link. It makes me who I am.

Stay tuned - I'll pictures of the sewing machine when it's done.

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