Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Festival Time!

I love this time of year. The weather's broken, so the heat that leaves me breathless is gone. So is the humidity.

I get a whole lot more active this time of year. Like today, I had my bff come by so we could tackle my weedy flower beds. It would have taken a couple of days in August, but we knocked it out in a couple of hours.

Last two weekends hubby and I went to festivals. I've got another one this Saturday. I've been selling a whole lot more books face to face. It makes up for the sales that have dropped online.

I'm also selling my collection of crocheted items. That's bags, baskets, hats and shawls. I tend to bring something with me when I'm at the farmer's market, just to keep my hands busy. Now I've got quite a collection.

Got a line on a pair of alpacas. These are little white guys who could very well pay for their keep in fiber. Here's hoping.

Stay tuned.

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