Friday, October 5, 2012

Pretty Day in October

There was sunshine and warm breezes today while I was selling eggs at the farmer's market. I sat in the sun and felt so content. When I got home I mowed the lawn and let the geese and chickens loose.

I was checking on the ducks. They are still picking each other's feathers off. I looked it up to find they either are too crowded, or there isn't enough protein in their diet. I gave them some cat food because I've already separated the two groups.

I spent a few minutes with the geese - only to have 'Sweetie' come up behind me to ram me with her chest. I bumped her back and knocked her over. She wasn't pleased with me.

Later, I was hand-feeding the chickens, the geese came up to eat. I actually made eye-contact with Lumpy, called him, then offered him a handful of feed. He hesitated before he ate from my hand. Pretty soon they were all eating from my hand. I was fortunate - only 'Sweetie' offered to bite, so I bopped her on the top of the head. She backed up and shook it off, then was better behaved.

It has taken a couple of weeks to get them this tame. I'm going to keep at it - I don't want my geese to be mean. I want them to be friendly. Lot's a luck, I know. But at least I'm trying.

PS - "Swallow the Moon" is part of the 'Which Witch' promotion this month. More to follow!

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