Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pasture, Drought and the Farmer's Market

A farm update for the end of July. While the rest of the nation has been socked by drought - here at the farm we've had some rain. Not much, and not enough to keep the pasture from drying out on the hill tops.

However, there are some lovely green patches on the sides where I mowed the weeds down.

The weeds are nasty, the horse won't eat them and weed seeds get into their eyes, causing infections and scratching the eye itself. I have to do daily eye-checks for swelling and discharge.

On another note:

The City of Vine Grove has declared that Farmer's Market Vendors are required to have a Business License in order to sell produce.

This is a huge departure from past years. I was concerned (furious, actually) so I went to Vine Grove City Hall to ask about it. 

Now - to be fair - I already knew that someone had gone down to the Market and signed up a few of the Vendors - due to a donation from a private person. So I knew there was some support somewhere. 

The scoop was a simple one: Someone, another business owner, complained that the Farmer's Market vendors didn't have to have a Vendor's License and they did. 

Now we aren't talking big bucks Vendors. A couple are Seniors making a few bucks. There is myself, who sells a few eggs whenever I have too many and I also sell my novels. There are two people who have large enough sales to make it worth-while.

I went to talk to the Mayor at City Hall because I was concerned for the market. The WHOLE market - and the seniors in particular. The ladies I spoke with understood.

I'm SO GLAD I went.

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