Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trolls and Other Annoying Things

Just when I thought I was an obscure nobody - a troll came fishing for some docs and dropped an old tongue-in-cheek bio into a tiny Face Book forum. I'm so pleased to be so important that someone waded through 10 years of posts to find something worth dropping.

I've done my research - read several pages of Encyclopedia Dramatica (nope, no link today) so I know what the trolls are expecting me to do. Reactions like racing to cover my tracks (baleting), posting long rants against them (BAWWWING) and enlisting my friends to stalk them back (lollercoaster) are expected.

Gee, sorry guys.

I'm feeding them this post - and one on Face Book - to keep them scouring the interwebz for more lulz at my expense.


Because there is no such thing as bad publicity.

My book sales have shot up since this started. I've been busting my butt to advertise 'Swallow the Moon' - my paranormal romance set in Ashtabula - with no success.

Thanks guys! This keeps up and you will fund my next trip to Ashtabula!

Click here to see the paperback of 'Swallow the Moon'

July 23, 2012
The number of hits this post has gotten requires me to make an update. The "Stop the Good Reads Bullies" from The Passive Voice.
There is a sociopathic insistence that the Trolls are the victims, even though they were the first to descend like raving harpies on targets chosen because 'they couldn't fight back.' They're running around, with tears in their eyes 'BWAAAAING' for all their worth, rationalizing and justifying their actions, denying they brought this on themselves. 
So it's come to a typical troll-fest - complete with internet-wide LOLLERcoaster. The Huffington Post has now been drawn into it. (Note to HP - grow a freaking SPINE!)

Whoever updates The Encyclopedia Dramatica should have enough LULZ to keep them laughing for years.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Jordan! Just found your page from Passive Guy blog. The more they hate may the more money you make!

all the best

Anonymous said...

correction: the more they hate the more money you make!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I should say Kat (trolls really steam me and Im off my game but you are showing us how its done --good on you!)


K. A. Jordan said...

Thank you!

I'll be honest - I had to google Trolls and Encyclopedia Dramatica to figure out how to handle them.

You have to know what they are after to not give it to them.


K. A. Jordan said...

I've noticed the Passive Voice hit log is at an all-time high.

Yes, I know the GR crowd is here.

Yes, I know they are looking for reactions.

Nope, sorry, not going to react to that crew either.