Sunday, June 17, 2012

Procrastination Revelation

Yes, I've been procrastinating.

The 2nd proof of 'Swallow the Moon' is in the mail - but yours truly is leaving on Thursday for Ashtabula so it's not likely I'll have a box of paperbacks with me. This is a setback, not a disaster. After all, I think I'm entitled to grieve for my mother for 6 months without kicking myself in the head for my depression.

Well, I'll have a box of 'Let's Do Lunch' and '18 Days in September' for Dr. Allen Hunt, but 'Swallow the Moon' won't be likely to make the deadline. That's why I haven't been busting my butt to schedule book signings or any other publicity. The best place to launch the paperback for 'Swallow the Moon' is Ashtabula, but Fall is a better time than summer.

What I will do is take the proofs with me, and see if I can rustle up some book signings for the week of August 12, 2012 during the Ashtabula Native Reunion.

So far my itinerary includes Harbor Topkey Library, Beach Glass Festival, Kingsville Public Library, and Chestnut Grove Cemetary.

I'm looking for any information I can get on the Ashtabula Horror - a railroad accident that happened in 1876.

I'm currently reading up on the EPA reports (a personal obsession of mine since the first EPA report was handed to me by a friend in 1986. Found this little gem in the report I'm currently reading:

"Outside of the contaminated sediments, the Ashtabula River as a whole has some
of the highest water quality of any Ohio Lake Erie tributary. Because of this, the Ashtabula River
lacustuary and Harbor have a very high ecological potential. The system could potentially
support the highest quality fish community of any Ohio tributary and could provide unique
sporting and recreational opportunities that could draw attention from all of Ohio.

It appears that the Ashtabula River is not as hopelessly contaminated as many of us feared back in 1986. Perhaps it is possible to recreate the economy from the ground to the water and up, after all.


Jean Davis said...

It might be procrastination, but at least it's the interesting kind.

Good luck with your book sales!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT get stuck in bulaville.

K. A. Jordan said...

I'm having more trouble with the trolls - and since I'm posting this to the blog, I'll assume they know I'm coming to 'Bula.

I wonder if they'll be stupid enough to track me down? That should be amusing.