Thursday, May 31, 2012

Da Frizzy

Often animals come into our lives in different ways.

Frizzy is a little white fluffy dog, kinda cute, in that lapdog way.

He's the only dog in the bunch who is utterly clueless. I've got two Jack Russel Terriers and a JRT, Mini-pin, Chihuahua and Beagle mix. All three are much smarter than Frizzy.

For instance - Mocha the Mutt wants on my lap, but Trouble is already there. She goes looking for his favorite toy, or a chewy, gets up on the couch, plays with it to get his interest, then drops it to the floor.

Trouble knows better than to fall for it.

Frizzy never figured it out. Poor dog.


Jean Davis said...

Makes you fully appreciate the smarts of your other dogs though, doesn't it? :)

K. A. Jordan said...

Frizzy never did catch on. He got up on my table one day and peed on the salt & Pepper.

He lives with my sister now - and has not made any serious breeches of etiquette.