Sunday, March 4, 2012

Squeal Under the Heel, You Swine

There's one bad thing about women - we take a lot of shit from people who should know better. You know who I mean, not friends and family (though they are often guilty) but certain celebrities, and politicians.

One in particular has gotten his short-hairs on fire this week - Rush Limbaugh.

He's opened his mouth, yet again, and like the Shock Jock Imus before him, riled up a bunch of women.

Women don't like to be called 'hos', 'sluts' or 'prostitutes' when we are being responsible and respectable. That's enough to get any man into hot water.

But when Rush called for 'sextapes of women using birth control' - that was simply obscene. The thought of that fat slug drooling over decent women having responsible sex with their loved ones - that was more than enough.

Like thousands of other women, I hit Face Book, Twitter and the blogs to find first his sponsors, then my senator, congressman, the FCC, Premiere Radio and Clear Channel.

Next week, hmmm, I'm going to see which targets are vulnerable for attack. But I think we've got that pig on the run - I'm smelling blood and am looking forward to hearing him squeal under the heel of the FCC.

What too many men forget (but all women know) is that as the 'weaker sex' women tend to co-operate in order to get things done. The downfall of Imus was the death knell of the Shock Jock. He insulted a basketball team of young women - but Rush - Rush got every woman in America whose EVER used birth control and called for them to be videotaped like criminals. THEN to have that video tape sent to HIM.

Oh - that is so goddamn obscene!

Yep - like hundreds of thousands of women - I saw red, I smelled blood - and when I found out I wasn't the only one - I jumped at the chance to cut him down to size. And Rush is going to be a very small man when the women are done with him.

I don't get this GOP War On Women - but once these idiots started chewing into Women's Rights to Health Care and responsible birth control - it's only a matter of time before they make all forms of birth control illegal.

Why the hell would ANY man do something so stupid? Do they really want the consequences of no birth control beyond 'putting an aspirin between your knees' - seriously?

Only an idiot like Rush Limbaugh would do something so stupid...but Rush appears to be running the GOP - still.

No wonder the GOP isn't able to get a serious candidate in this election.

If - and this is a BIG if - Romney WAS a moderate and was allowed to RUN as a moderate he'd would have a shot with Independent voters. But as is - he's running in a pack of fools and making himself look just as stupid as Santorium. (Though both are behaving with more intelligence than Newt.) So no sane person can vote for him.

I'm convinced the silencing of Rush the Roach will bring sanity back to the GOP. This boycott is not just for 100% of the women who gag at the thought of Rush watching sextapes - but for National Security ( and Sanity) as well.

I'm going to put on my Warpaint and sharpen my spear - there's pork on the menu tomorrow.


Jean Davis said...

I was floored when I heard what he'd said. If that had been dialogue in a novel, we'd have picked it apart as something no man would say on air to the world. Who would really be so stupid as to say that outloud? Oh. Nevermind.

I cheer every time I see an other sponsor pull their ads from him.

K. A. Jordan said...

It was a shocker - I didn't think even he was that stupid. But his arrogance is so great he thinks he's untouchable.

I'm hoping this will put a dent in his power base in the GOP - after the FCC gets done with his bosses. Which is why I filed a complaint and why I choose the sex tape crack to complain about.

It makes me crazy that he's the head of the GOP.

This flack and fallout has made the GOP distance themselves from Rush. This is the worst possible blow that women could strike.

The GOP is run by cowards, they are afraid of Rush, but more afraid of voters. This blow against Rush is going to shake the GOP right down to it's roots. (Evil giggle)

Women tend to hold grudges and vote accordingly.

So regardless of what happens to Rush - the GOP (and the Dems) got the message.

Birth Control is a taboo subject that MEN need to keep their hands off.