Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rush Has No Advertisers? Awww!

Saw it yesterday - the Official Voice of the GOP hasn't got enough advertisers to fill the next two weeks. His bosses at Premiere Radio have thrown open all his spots to local ad because everyone else has fled.

In fact, it was reported there was 5 minutes of DEAD AIR (complete silence) on his home show. That's right, not even enough 10 second or 30 second spots to keep out the flow going.

What a victory for women!

Yeah, he still ran his mouth about 'Nags' and other female-centric insults. But the proof is in the dead air, because radio will do ANYTHING to avoid silence. But they didn't even have enough Public Service Announcements to fill the time.

So, to all the FemiNazi's like myself who complained to advertisers, filed FCC complaints, and generally raised Hell with the Official Voice of the GOP - pat yourselves  on the back, ladies. We've put the old boar's balls between a rock and a hard place and squeezed until Rush, Premiere and Clear Channel all squealed like the cowardly swine they are.

Now, if the GOP has any collective intelligence at all - they will tip-toe as far from Rush as they can get - so the smell of dead, blasted ego doesn't get on them.

Because, ladies, we have won a Great Victory. Any time a celebrity is taken to task by a pissed-off public, those who fawn on said celebrity will desert him like rats from a sinking ship.


Jean Davis said...

BWahhahahahahaa! Ahem. I mean, that's awesome. :)

K. A. Jordan said...

Hehehe - it's nearly impossible to not squee with glee.

The latest news is that the US Army won't be advertising on Rush's program, nor will Army Radio broadcast his show.

That's a huge, international market that just slammed shut in Rush's face.

I can almost imagine the conversation at the White House.

"Honey, half the Army is female. I think it's bad for our women soldiers to hear him insult them like that."

"I agree, dear. I wouldn't want our daughters listening to that."

Ring, ring -

"Hello, this is your Commander in Chief. Drop Rush from the broadcast network. He's bad for moral."

"Yes, sir."