Friday, February 3, 2012

Croft News - Ordered Geese

Yesterday I stopped dithering and ordered some geese from McMurray Hatchery.

I've been taking about this for since my first geese died - back 10 years ago. Geese are very large and vocal birds, they're sometimes violent and always noisy. The definition of poor is someone 'whose last goose is cooked.'

Why am I doing this when my poultry raising hasn't gone well? This is a valid question. I get asked about geese a lot. Grown geese sell for $20 to $30 each, and I understand why. They are fairly rare in this area. So I'm going to raise 6 pairs of breeders.

I'm getting day-old goslings - there is already a place for them in the barn. They will live in Chicken World until they are large enough to go in the round pen. White Chinese are known to be good mothers, so I'm hoping next year to have goslings for sale.

They are scheduled to arrive in April, I'm really looking forward to it.

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