Monday, January 2, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow - OH NO!

I didn't mean it!

I went outside to let the horses out and it was snowing. I cussed a little bit - though it is January and this is to be expected after Christmas and all. But I decided to stay home for the day, and see what needs done here. I was almost out of baled hay and my round bale was a carpet of inedible mess in the pasture.

So I got on the phone to see if I could scare up a round bale of hay for the herd. Which is a major project! First because a bale can weigh up to 1200 lbs. Second because I have to trailer it home. Third because I have to get it out of the trailer.

I found one, got there with the trailer. The farmer, Glen, was carrying a big bottle, coaxing a calf out of the birthing area into a sheltered area for the calves. The little fella was 3 days old and a total 'squee' of cuteness.

Look at that face! At 3 days they mostly want to lay down and sleep. These are the offspring of dairy cattle, they don't get to be raised by their mothers. However, they tip-toe around looking fragile and too cute for words.

I should have taken a picture.

Anyways, I got my bale of hay, a dose of cute, and scurried home to give the 1000 lb bale to my horses. Meanwhile, it's still snowing. Hubby was home, he played ground guide to get the trailer into the pasture, then undid the dump bed so we could push the bale out of the trailer. (Ain't picking that sucker up for anybody.)

A few cuss words and a BIG push later, I was taking the twine off the round bale. I've got pictures of the herd around a hay bale before so I can post one. This is what I expect to see tomorrow when I leave for the office.


Jean Davis said...

What a pretty view. And cuteness. :)

We just got our first snow too. I was rather enjoying the whole 40s and drizzly thing all December but I guess its time for the frozen stuff.

Ms Kitty said...

On a farm like ours, snow and frozen ground is easier to work around that wet and mud.

But temps are going back up by the weekend.

Baby anything's are cute, but newborn calves have a resemblance to fawns that makes them extra cute.

The little critter followed me, sometimes I pushed him gently. It was a lot of fun.

But bottle feeding 60 calves in the dead of winter???

Sorry, but screw that.