Monday, December 12, 2011

Old Dog and a Heating Pad

Hanging out on the heating pad - JR and Trouble

My oldest dog has a bad back. He's got a pinched disk, just like mine. We often snuggle together just for body heat. (Dogs are very warm.)

The other day I was on the heating pad, with some hanging over. Jr rolled onto the heating pad - and kinda melted in place.

Next thing I see, he's upside down, feet in the air, back planted on the heating pad.

If I ever get a photo, I'll post it here.

I know what I'm going to get him for Christmas - there are huge heated dog beds in some of the stores. I'm going to see what it will cost to get him one.


Ms Kitty said...

Another cold night and he's back on the heating pad.

Silly dog.

Jean Davis said...

Dogs ARE warm. Mine serves as a wonderful foot warmer while I eat dinner and also snuggles on my lap each morning while I watch the news.

I'm sure he'll love a heated bed of his own!

Ms Kitty said...

I think prehistoric women tamed dogs just to keep the kids warm in the winter.


I've been looking online at dog beds. I want something fairly large so the two Jack Russel terriers will be able to share. Neither has a coat this year, so they are always looking for a place to curl up.

John from Pomeroy on the Palouse said...

We've gone with with radiant floor heat in our reconstruction project. I'll come into the office and see our older cat (about 14 or so) all stretched out so he's got as much of him on the floor as he can.

Ms Kitty said...

Cats are famous for finding the warmest places in the house to nap.

At least you've found a sure fire way to keep him on the floor part time.

Ms Kitty said...

UPDATE - Found a big dog bed at the right price - it is plugged in at the foot of the bed.

He's found it and spends a lot of time napping there.