Sunday, November 13, 2011

University of Perversion

If just one thing can come from the horrendous criminal activity at Penn State, let it be that the 'glamour' comes off of the ego-driven world of College Sports.

"Son Was Afraid to Say 'No'"

Of course the child was afraid - Paterno and Sandusky were given God-status. They were men with unlimited status and power in the world of College Sports. Obviously they weren't shy about exploiting it, either.

There wasn't anyone who would refuse them anything. Penn State certainly didn't - look at the near riots because someone dared nail them for their crimes. So how could children stand up to those men?

It seems to me that there is way too much money spent on college sports. Yes, I like to watch an occasional baseball or football game. However, my preference is to watch them as games - fun and exciting for the kids who play. The whole 'bread and circuses' mentality is revolting.

The industry that sucks in kids, churns out egotistical athletes and often cripples them, does not deserve the worship it gets. (Or the money thrown at it.) The mad culture of multi-million dollar sports contracts are the feeding ground for the corrupt, the drug-addicted, the gambler and now the child-rapist.

Colleges are industries of higher learning. Yes, industries - I've been to college it's a racket. Overpriced books, pitiful living conditions, insane instructors, the loan-sharking and crushing debt that students must put up with.

Most high schools teach a very limited few and warehouse the rest - inner-city schools are the worst - I went to one. There isn't enough money in the state budgets for the schools that need money. Why not? Because it goes to college sports.

Why don't we cut 75% of the money out of college sports and...I don't know...spend it on Education, maybe?

The country needs educated and intelligent citizens. It doesn't need ignorant, egotistical, emotionally-crippled, drug-addict men who rape children in the name of Sports.

Take their money, take their power - give it to those who will use it for the common good.

They abused what they were given, take it from them.

It's OUR tax dollars.

I'll get off my soap-box - for now.


Jean Davis said...

Yes, that was a very messed up situation. I was floored that the riot supported a man who supported the rapist. Where did the education system fail these rioters that they couldn't figure this out? Good grief! Add to it all the people who were supposedly sucked into the riot because they didn't want to oppose the masses even though they knew it was wrong. It's sickening.

I'm not a sports fan, not even remotely. I agree with you on the fact that way too much money and attention is focus on sports rather than education. How about we focus on giving people the tools to distingish themselves in a meaningful way rather than preparing them to make a living by chasing a ball around?

Ms Kitty said...

There is something wrong with the way our society worships sports.

There's a disconnect - especially when so many people put sports above education.

How would we go about protesting in a way that would sink in?

No sure.