Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Let's Do Lunch' - the Paperback!

It's true!

As of today - "Let's Do Lunch" is on sale here, as a trade paperback, with nice BIG print! I'm thrilled!

Now can I bug all my friends until they buy it? (Evil Ms Kitty asks slyly.)

No, that's not what it means. (K. A. Jordan replies.)

I can buy copies and sell them at craft shows and flea markets. I can have book signings. I can do all the things 'real' authors do to hock promote their books.

In about a week, the book will be on - in the general population of books. As a reminder - here is the blurb:

Restaurant owner Lindsey Bennett is caught between two men, one will tease her, the other will use her; both are capable of killing.

A business owner at the mercy of her employees, Lindsey Bennett owner of the restaurant "Let's Do Lunch," finds her employees have no mercy. When Lindsey drops everything to be her injured mother's caregiver, relying on her sister to run the restaurant proves to be a mistake. Lindsey's trusted cook quits, the new cook changes the menu, her sister hires a waitress who can't run a register and money comes up missing. When a bug gets in a customer's food, Lindsey could lose it all! Somebody should get fired. Once she's back in charge, Lindsey finds that hiring is easier than firing.

More problems arise with the men in her life. Her new chef Brandon Pendleton – smart, sexy, fast living: he's the life of every party. Sergeant Kevin "Tag" McTaggart – handsome, aloof, this wounded warrior's blue eyes see into the depths of her soul. One will tease her until she gives up all her secrets. The other is out to use her and her restaurant.

Surrounded by criminals, deceived on all sides, and catapulted from crisis to crisis, can Lindsey stay focused? Her restaurant and her life are at stake

I can put into words just how cool this is!


Gene Pool Diva said...

Huge congrats Kat!

Ms Kitty said...

Thank you!

This is just too cool!