Monday, October 31, 2011

I Have a Plan - Really

Now that 'Let's Do Lunch' is officially on sale, I've got time to do a bit of planning.

My editing project is almost finished. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow.

I've got a few more things to do - StM needs to be a paperback - that should be smoother than LDL because the file isn't as old and was copy-edited.

I've made progress at home, too.

Been getting rid of paper clutter that goes back to...are you ready for this?...1979.

Holy Paper cuts, Captain Marvel! That's - 4 decades! Scary, isn't it?

This is what I pulled from the paper basket yesterday:

Yes, the first flyer from the first Harbor Happening!

Is that crazy or what?

I told you I had a boat load of paper hidden around my house. I wasn't kidding. It is going to take a very long time to sort through it.

I think I'm going to scan a lot of it, save it to PDF files and post it to Facebook and a few other places. That way other people can find it and use it.


Jean Davis said...

Wow from 1979!?! And I thougth I had old clutter from the 80's. ;)

Are you doing NaNo?

Ms Kitty said...

I know, it's crazy!

As for NaNo - not officially. I've got 25k of the book already, I'm just trying to finish it.

I need to get 'Swallow the Moon' into paperback format so I can start selling copies around here.

That is going to take a chunk out of my NaNo time.